Can i get to keep the shitty images?

Shitty images here refers to the following kind of images.

  • Not so good images.
  • Images where your eyes are closed.
  • Images with unwanted objects in the frame.
  • Basically the images i would delete.

During the Photo-shoot, I take multiple shots, sometime with the same perspective, under the same light and same pose of the subject; it’s because of the various reasons.

  1. I don’t want to capture a picture of you with eyes closed.
  2. I sometimes experiment with different settings on the camera.
  3. The previous shots weren’t really as per my expectations.
  4. Sometimes I place myself at a different location or distance from the subject.

SO, post this shoot, is it okay for you to ask for the “not so good shots” (shitty ones)? Well, I don’t know about others, but I don’t like to give out the shitty images to anyone.

SO what happens to those shitty ones? I discard those images.

I often get to hear that “the images you think might be shitty, might look pretty good to me” so why don’t you just loosen up a little and give me all the images….?” Well, to answer your question, if I’m doing a free session for you, then technically you don’t own any right of the images; however as a friendly gesture I do give out a few images to you. If you’ve hired me on a paid assignment, then we can work out on the images including the shitty ones, but just to let you know that shitty images are just shitty, Also remember… poop smells bad no matter whosoever smells it.

SO final verdict..

Shitty images – free assignment – NO.

Shitty images – paid assignment – we’ll work out on something.


Can I bring someone for Moral support?

Someone asked me once, can I please bring someone for the moral support during the photo shoot. Let me answer that part here in length.

One word answer, YES.

Well, this is no war or some medical surgery where you would want someone for a moral support, but still if you wish to get someone to be available, I just don’t mind.

Also, ensure your friend / family / moral support shouldn’t create a problem or fuss during the shoot, he / she should refrain giving any advice on how I should be taking the pictures.

Q: Who is an ideal Moral support?

A: I say its your subconscious. Some says, my friend, my mom, I think it’s all fine, just ensure they’re mute or friendly, and not a pain in my neck.

When to expect the images from the shoot?

Okay, so we had a photo-shoot, so when should I expect the images to be given to me?

Photo-shoot involves plenty of things, post processing is one those.

During the post processing session I try to fix some minor issues like cropping, exposure, contrast, sharpness etc.

Each of these activities I’ve mentioned above is time consuming.

Usually i put 4 weeks on the quote, but if it’s not mentioned on it, then we’ll discuss & agree the date of delivery before the shoot, and it’s my responsibility to stick to the dates.

If you’ve more detailed questions about the time of delivery in free sessions or paid assignments then I’m open to hear you out.

In most of the cases can expedite the delivery of the photos with the additional fee of $100 for a week, for example, if you want the pictures in 3 weeks, you pay extra $100, and if you want the pictures in 1 week only, then you pay $300 extra, so I recommend don’t push it unless you really need to push it. (These prices are only applicable if you have 6 pictures in your package, if you’ve more then asking me to expedite the delivery will cost you more money)

in short, always discuss with me before the shoot about the delivery time, and sign up only if you agree to the delivery time.

Photo shoot. (FAQ)

Sometimes, I do free photo shoots over the weekends, feel free to register for a shoot​.​

Also, read the following FAQs about the shoot.

Q1: Blog URL (Know all about what to wear, what to do, what not to do during the photo shoot and much more…)

Q2: Why the free photo shoots?
A2: I love photography; I need to build my portfolio, so I’ll be putting up your images on my website, to showcase my work. It’s not always free, you need to check with me, explain me your requirements, and we’ll take it from there.

Q3: How expensive are the paid photography assignments?
A3: Depends on your requirements, and my efforts, I’m working on a pricing model, till then the pricing will be made on the best effort judgement model, where we’ll discuss about your expectations and then we’ll discuss about the pricing.

Q4: How does the free photo shoot work?
A4: You sign up on my site, I’ll get your details, and I’ll get back to you with my availability. That’s it. It is as simple as it sounds.

Q5: Where?
A5: I usually shoot in gardens, parks, landscapes, beaches, anywhere.

Q6: Preferred location?
A6: It has to be a public place for free photo shoots; we need to discuss the commute options, as I rely on public transport all the time. If you want me to visit you at your residence for the photo shoot, then it falls under the paid assignment.

Q7: When?
A7: Once your free photo shoot request is approved I’ll write you with my available slots for the following weekend, we’ll also be able to talk on the phone and decide on the things like place, date and time.

Q8: Props?
A8: I don’t mind if you want bring some of your own, like tiara, fancy hats, Scarf, Jewelry, etc..I’ve blogged about it, click here to read more.

Q9: Pets?
A9: Absolutely, I love dogs..! it shouldn’t bite

Q10: Fashion portfolio
A10: Absolutely.

Q11: what do I wear?
A11: my suggestion is to bring both kind of colours, light and bright, put those on, and get multiple pictures in different attires. I’ve blogged in detail about what to wear, please click here to read more about it..

Q12: DO i need to send you a picture of mine before the shoot?
A12: Sure, it helps me to think and suggest you what kind of colors you should wear, or props you should bring etc. e-Mail me.

Q13: How many pictures should I expect from this shoot.
A13: between 3-6, or maybe more, depends on the time and the quality of the images. I don’t give out the crappy images to anyone. SO please don’t ask if you can keep the shitty ones? I’m a reasonable man, and I’ll send you the images I feel are good enough. Also read about the “Can I get to keep the shitty images” and “When to expect the images form the shoot

Q14: What kind of equipment do you have?
A14: I’ve a crop sensor and a full frame body, with some canon’s most popular lenses & a flash (which i use only when it’s relevant).

Q15: I want you to do my wedding or someone’s birthday, or some other form of event.
A15: We can discuss this on phone / email. It’s difficult to cover this during the FAQs.

Q16: How do I get the images?
A16: Needs to be discussed on the phone, but in a nutshell, you’ll be required to send me an email with a scanned copy of your photo id (ids in case of family portraits), summarizing the 3 conditions mentioned at the end of the registration form in the email body and a testimonial (good or bad) again in the same email’s body, and send me the filled suitable form along with the scanned Age / ID Proofs, and then I’ll send you a link or email, using which you’ll be able to download the media.

Q17: How to know which form you need to fill and send me.
A17: If it was a family photo shoot then you can fill this form. If it was an individual or a solo photo shoot, then you can use this form. If it was a newborn or a Minor’s photo shoot, then you can use this form. If it was some other kinf of a Photo shoot then I’ll send you a form and you can fill tat up and send it back. P.S – Also read the instructions mentioned in the FAQ # 16, you’ll be required to type in the 3 terms & conditions which are mentioned at the end of the registration form in the email body and a testimonial (good or bad) again in the same email’s body, and send me the filled suitable form along with the scanned Age / ID Proofs, and then I’ll send you a link or email, using which you’ll be able to download the media
Q18: How do you use my images to showcase your portfolio?

A18: I upload the images on my flickr account which is public, and the links are referenced on my website You’ll get to see your image under the Gallery option. Btw my flickr account URl is

Q19: What to bring on the photoshoot.
A19: Your own water, some Props & Accessories, Clothes (so you can quickly change and get more pictures in different attires), your make-up kit.

Q20: Photoshoot for Minor.
A20: The model / subject will be required to print this form, fill the details, scan & send it to me in an email. Note: This form will be filled by the Minor’s Parents, and along with this form (consent letter) the mandatory enclosures would be the age id proofs.

Q21: What do you do for living?
A21: I work full time in IT.