saurabh dhall profile picture saurabh dhall photography melbourne

Saurabh is learning the art of photography for over a decade by now, he likes giving attention to details, and he has developed a very unique kind of creativity, his sense of framing a shot sets him apart from the usual photographers.

Saurabh Dhall is a melbourne based photographer, he specializes in artistic abstract photography which includes b&w and creative work, he is pretty good with fashion, glamour, modelling, artistic nude, family, newborns, and couple portfolios.

He has done some work in corporate area as well, lately he did the corporate photoshoot for Microsoft’s business leaders in India.

He has been delivering the services all over melbourne, may it be darebin, or the CBD or anywhere, he lives in Preston and has got a studio over there as well, he can help you build a portfolio and create such kind of pictures which you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives.

Saurabh has done variety of projects in Europe, Asia, and different parts of the U.S.A, and now he is in Australia, searching for a suitable model, because he is going to make a movie for which he is looking forward to get the right casting.

Sometimes he does the free photoshoots, and therefore he can be considered a free photographer in melbourne, however if you wish to get a free photoshoot then you must register on his website, he is pretty good with mentoring you for what to wear, and what not to wear kind of questions, he can also help you with some props, he is not a rip off photographer when in comes to money, he is totally inclined towards creating a quality work for you, and learning from each shoot.

He owns variety of Cameras, from some basic point and shoot to a full frame but he prefers shooting with full frame.

If you’re planning a shoot, you must read his post “Photoshoot preparation guide“, you should also spend some time reading a list of Frequently asked questions, still confused?? talk to him on +61 410 745 799.

He specialize in Modelling, Couple, Casual, Family, Newborn and corporate Photography.

You can Register for a free photo shoot, and also have a look at his detailed blog, it’ll give you the idea of what to wear and what not to wear for all sorts of shoot.

If you don’t have time to read about all the detailed blogs and have very limited time to prepare for the shoot, then you can have a look at the cheat sheet guide on his blog, it should help you prepare in no time.


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