15 Tips on what not to wear on a photo shoot.

  1. Please say NO to Loose or baggy clothing – Remember, these photos will be a reminder to your loved ones what you look like when they can’t be with you! Fitted clothes look much more polished and flattering than loose clothes, which can just make you appear boxy. Check the fit of jackets, sweaters or collared shirts, and be sure that the collar won’t obscure your face when you sit down and that the shoulders won’t bunch up.
  2. Something you’ve never worn before – We’re all about shopping, but don’t let the photo shoot be the first time you’re wearing new duds! You’ll want to feel comfortable and confident, and if you’re unsure of how that skirt will act when you’re focused on your poses, it’s best to wait until you don’t have professional photographic proof.
  3. Not complementary? – No bright white socks and no sneakers unless we’re talking about something fashion forward and simple like Converse or Vans. And also be sure to remove watches or jewellery not complementary to the session’s look.
  4. DON’T DISTRACT FROM THE SUBJECT – Anything that takes attention away from the people in the photo is a no-no. Avoid overly bright colours – bright reds, oranges, lime greens and yellows. Not only do they compete with your faces for attention (not good) they can also reflect a tint and make skin tones appear odd (definitely not good). Very dark colours that can blend into the background easily are also to be avoided. Solids (not of the extremely bright or very dark variety) and pastels are generally excellent choices. If at all possible, stay away from short sleeved tops/shorts as they can also draw some of the attention away from the main subject – your lovely faces.
  5. Patterns/distractions – Try to avoid patterns and bold accessories. It’s best to avoid the cluttered looks, bright stripes, or strong patterns because they can be distracting.
  6. Tanning? – Avoid outfits that show your tan lines or underclothing (i.e. bra straps), and if you are going to wear strapless, make sure that you don’t have tan lines from previous outfits.
  7. Solids? – Solid colours are more appropriate for outdoor sessions. Some patterns are acceptable, but if it clashes with everyone else in the shoot (i.e. fiancée, children, husband), it may be a distraction.
  8. More than 1? – For photo shoots with two or more people, similar solid colours are preferred to create uniformity. For example, if blue is the choice of colour, then a combination of people wearing “light” blue and “navy” blue would be fine. Pay attention to shoe colours and accessories as “clash in colour” can create additional distractions. Be conscious of your body! Wear what realistically flatters your body and fits you the best; not what fashion dictates. Major distractions in photographs are seeing someone in a top that is too tight for them or bottoms that don’t flatter them or their body-type.
  9. Colours – Good colour choices would be neutral and earth tones like green, brown tones, black, darker blue, and black/grey. Those colours go well with light/dark coloured jeans or pants. Darker coloured shoes are also usually better under these combinations of colours. Darker colours are slimming but if you prefer white (or lighter coloured) tops; then combine it with darker pants or dark blue jeans for contrast. However, make sure that your skin tone wears white well, or your face will seem washed out in the pictures.
  10. Makeup/Hair – Make-up is difficult to explain but it’s a good idea to find a balance between natural and slightly glamour (heavier) coverage! Wear make-up that complements your skin-tone. Don’t be afraid to apply powders or concealers to cover any blemishes or skin discolouring, in fact it’s a Must.
  11. Natural Look? – Heavier coverage (than the natural look) does look better in pictures, but you don’t have to go so “heavy” that it becomes a distraction or doesn’t look like you after.
  12. Dark Circles?? OMG KMN – To avoid the “raccoom” look, natural colouring (or neutral/earth colours) around the eyes show up much better on camera. It may be tempting to wear heavy (and dark) eye liner and eye colour, but Can create dark circles around the eyes, so take your call hotties..!!
  13. Type & Length of clothes – Dressy casual is the best, but choose a look that really suits the real you, so that you are comfortable during the shoot. If you do wear short sleeves or dresses, make sure that it compliments your figure and that its not focusing on what (in your opinion) is your worse feature. Or it will come across in the shoot. Layering is also a good idea! For example: A tailored or well-cut jacket is a great combination with a light top and jean bottom. I think Jeans are very dicey, but then it leaves men with very limited options, but that’s not the case with the women, shorts, denim pants, capris, skirts or dresse etc.
  14. Men – Avoid shorts and sandals if possible. Because men tend to cross their legs putting their ankle up on the other leg, it looks odd when legs are showing. This tends to bring our attention in the picture to the legs rather than the face, expressions, etc. Also, long sleeve tops will avoid distractions to the arms. SO guys, watch out..!!
  15. Women – Avoid bubble dresses and dresses above the knee. When shooting, you should be able to do stuff like sitting down, etc. without having to be worried that your dress is hiking up too high. If you think size is important, whereas you’ve no luck in this area, feel free to use little bit of paddings.

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