When to expect the images from the shoot?

Okay, so we had a photo-shoot, so when should I expect the images to be given to me?

Photo-shoot involves plenty of things, post processing is one those.

During the post processing session I try to fix some minor issues like cropping, exposure, contrast, sharpness etc.

Each of these activities I’ve mentioned above is time consuming.

Usually i put 4 weeks on the quote, but if it’s not mentioned on it, then we’ll discuss & agree the date of delivery before the shoot, and it’s my responsibility to stick to the dates.

If you’ve more detailed questions about the time of delivery in free sessions or paid assignments then I’m open to hear you out.

In most of the cases can expedite the delivery of the photos with the additional fee of $100 for a week, for example, if you want the pictures in 3 weeks, you pay extra $100, and if you want the pictures in 1 week only, then you pay $300 extra, so I recommend don’t push it unless you really need to push it. (These prices are only applicable if you have 6 pictures in your package, if you’ve more then asking me to expedite the delivery will cost you more money)

in short, always discuss with me before the shoot about the delivery time, and sign up only if you agree to the delivery time.


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