Using your camera during the photo shoot.

Can my friend / mom take some pictures, please, pretty pleeeease?

Okay, so you want your friend to take some pictures. I invest my time talking to you, understanding your personality, and I come up with a creativity of my own and ask you to follow my ideas and right when I’m about to take a picture of you, your friend wants to take a picture of you too.

And you think there is no harm. Well, yeh there is no harm, to you. BUT to me, it’s like someone is trying to steal my creativity. You want to take some pictures, do it in your free time other than the one hour you’re with me. I’m sorry for being rude, but I feel terrible when people think that they can take some extra advantage. Absurd. Photography is about Creativity, Perspective, personalitiy, and Psychology. I’ll worry about the first two, and suggest that subject should get the later 2 of those right.

I would say, try your hands on your camera in your free time, you can ask me for some tips or tricks, I don’t mind sharing those with you, however when you’re with me for a shoot, then please keep your camera at home, let me drive it my way, and believe me I’m a reasonable man, I do what’s right and fair to the both of us.


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