Can i get to keep the shitty images?

Shitty images here refers to the following kind of images.

  • Not so good images.
  • Images where your eyes are closed.
  • Images with unwanted objects in the frame.
  • Basically the images i would delete.

During the Photo-shoot, I take multiple shots, sometime with the same perspective, under the same light and same pose of the subject; it’s because of the various reasons.

  1. I don’t want to capture a picture of you with eyes closed.
  2. I sometimes experiment with different settings on the camera.
  3. The previous shots weren’t really as per my expectations.
  4. Sometimes I place myself at a different location or distance from the subject.

SO, post this shoot, is it okay for you to ask for the “not so good shots” (shitty ones)? Well, I don’t know about others, but I don’t like to give out the shitty images to anyone.

SO what happens to those shitty ones? I discard those images.

I often get to hear that “the images you think might be shitty, might look pretty good to me” so why don’t you just loosen up a little and give me all the images….?” Well, to answer your question, if I’m doing a free session for you, then technically you don’t own any right of the images; however as a friendly gesture I do give out a few images to you. If you’ve hired me on a paid assignment, then we can work out on the images including the shitty ones, but just to let you know that shitty images are just shitty, Also remember… poop smells bad no matter whosoever smells it.

SO final verdict..

Shitty images – free assignment – NO.

Shitty images – paid assignment – we’ll work out on something.


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