Accessorize with props..Proporize it..!!

Think creative. Scarves, hats, flowers in the hair for girls, jewellery, sweaters, vests, jackets, etc. – all these things can take a ho-hum image and make it feel “complete.

I believe that especially with sweet babies and toddlers “accessories” can make the moment look even cuter, like a wooden bucket, toys, baby’s mom’s or dad’s baby clothes, some balloons, some colourful props, Pinterest and instagram is filled with such props, Google it, and buy those on eBay, I doubt if those are going to cost you fortune.  Nevertheless these tiny little babies are beautiful in their simple purity, even a small tiny little prop can help you to create an “Awww” moment and image.

Choose your accent colours and fill in outfits with those punches of colour in accessories … for instance, if big sister’s patterned dress has tones of aqua, coral and gray, have mom wear a coral headband and little brother in an aqua pair of Converse and bow tie. Show off the kids’ and your unique personality with accessories!

There are a few bonuses to using accessories well (as well as layers). One is that changing them up a bit throughout the session can give you multiple looks without having to do many wardrobe changes. They can also be something that the subjects can interact with … a sassy little tip of the hat, holding the ends of a scarf while running and letting it billow behind you, grabbing the lapels of a husbands jacket while pulling him close for a kiss … all these little gestures and ways to interact (and become more comfortable in front of the camera) can be made possible with styling choices. Many of my sessions will feature items used outside their intended use or subject … my girls are often seen in mommy’s hats or scarves (scarves can be used in different ways like wrapped around their shoulders, as a hair piece, etc) and they love to wear any costume jewellery.

Sample props for females – Jewellery (big size stone lookalike of emerald, sapphire, ruby, etc.), Scarves, Clips, hairbands, colourful socks, gorgeous little shoes (cute ones), Belts, paper flowers, butterflies, trees etc.

Sample props for newborns, toddlers, kids – Baskets, little tubs, toys, clips, butterfly like toys, colourful small blankets, clay, colors, toys like ducks, vintage toys (bus, scooter etc.)

Props for Intimate / Artistic nudes – makeup, lingerie, nail paints, high heels, any you need to google it, and find appropriate props, considering here no or less clothes are involved, so the importance of props, is even more.

Props for men – hat, umbrella, belts, watch, bag, sports gear, Pinterest.


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